When you go to your favorite websites, you’ve probably wondered why at the left of the URL is a small lock icon. That is an icon that signifies that a website has an SSL certificate.

This is important for website security and top hosting companies use this to help provide ample protection for users.

Today, I am going to discuss the purpose of SSL certificates and why they are important in this day and age.

It Encrypts Your Data

Always remember that data passes through a medium. Basically, data is transferred to and from your website to a server. In between the transmission, your information could be seen by prying eyes if the data is not encrypted.

An SSL certificate will encrypt any data that goes in and out of your website to ensure that sensitive information such as names and credit card information are transmitted safely to another source.

It Provides Authentication

Aside from providing data encryption, an SSL certificate also provides some much- needed authentication as well. When your users peruse and use the features on your website, they might send their personal information to your servers and it is possible that the data will be sent to an impostor instead of the real thing.

That will no longer be a concern if you have an SSL certificate. That is because these certificates are given by SSL providers and they will only hand it out to entities after a rigorous background check.

Therefore, if you see a website that has SSL certification, you can rest assured that your data is always safe.

It Provides Trust

People can easily know if a website is protected by an SSL certificate if there is a lock icon directly on the left side of the URL and if the URL string actually starts with https.

HTTPS actually provides more protection against the usual online scummy practices.

For instance, users can be protected against phishing attacks or emails that are sent to them-whose sole purpose is to extract some much-needed information from unknowingvictims.


Although the advantages of using SSL certificates do outweigh the disadvantages, it is still useful if you are aware of what they are.

One of the major disadvantages of using an SSL certificate is cost. Getting a certification would require a lot of money to get. Although you could say that it is a worthy investment, you can only do that if you are actually okay with spending money to get it.

Aside from that, performance is also a concern. Since data that comes and goes from your website to a secured server requires encryption, the entire process may take some time than an unprotected website.

Overall, the disadvantages are okay considering what you get in return if your website has SSL certificates.