Both men and women are susceptible to a decrease in their libido or sex drive. There are a couple of ways to combat this, though there are some differences when it comes to gender.

Men typically can get testosterone boosters or male enhancements pills in Malaysia that can help improve their sex drive immensely. Women would typically have to do more things than men, especially if they want to preserve their want for sex.

This article focuses on effective ways one can help improve their sex drive so do read through the entire blog post to find out what they are.


According to research, consuming at least 3 grams of D-Aspartic acid a day can help increase testosterone levels in young and middle-aged men. That being said, oysters are a rich source of the said acid. In fact, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova consumed copious amounts of oysters to help him get through the day (and also keep his women happy).

Lower Stress

Stress is one of the factors that can contribute to a lower libido. It is best that you will do things that will help lower your stress. Some activities that you can do are:

  • Have an exercise routine that you can follow regularly
  • Do not get overworked or leave your work at the office
  • Learn meditation and yoga
  • Learn some breathing exercises
  • Do things that you love doing
  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping fewer than 7 hours a day has been known to contribute to lower sex drives. Research has shown that men who sleep 5 hours or less every night have lower testosterone levels than those who are well-rested.

Hormonal Changes

It is important to note that hormonal changes can affect one’s sex drive. Men who generally have lower testosterone levels either do not have the energy nor the gusto to have sex with their partners.

Women, especially during their menopause, can also experience changes in their sex drive. Some women report that they want more sex and some report a decreased likelihood of doing the deed.

Although keep in mind that low testosterone levels typically only affect men’s libido. Although it may have an impact on women, there are still little to no studies that draw a direct correlation to it.

Menopause will lead to a much dryer vagina, which may make it less satisfying to their partners to engage in sex. However, women can introduce more estrogen into their vaginas which will help lubricate the area, priming it for sex.


Men can take testosterone boosters to help improve their sex drive. Women, on the other hand, maybe given certain medications that can help them.

DHEA vaginal suppository Intrarosa can certainly help, though more studies are required to further document its effects.

Women are also advised not to take birth control pills as these can have a negative impact on their libido. Antidepressants like SSRIs can also lead to a lower sex drive in both men and women.