Establish a strong foundation.

In order to avoid frequent fix-ups, establish a strong base for your stone surfaces. For those who want to have stone patios, it’s crucial to lay several layers of pea stones first. That way, you can maintain the patio level, and weeds can be prevented. Creating a solid base equates a low-maintenance routine for years to come.

Plan ahead.

Before taking big steps with regards to your landscape design, create a sold plan first. If possible, talk to an exterior and interior design firm in Malaysia. Remember, your outdoor space is an extension of your interior. Expert professionals can help you with your landscape design plan for many years to come.

Pick the right stones.

Bluestone is one of the most expensive choices, but its durability is worth the investment. It is called “Bluestone,” but it comes in a wide range of colors like orange, brown, gray and blue. Since it is a natural stone, walking on it on barefoot wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. If you are looking for a cheaper option, go for white stone or pea stone.

Choose flowering plants strategically.

It’s great to have plants that can flower all-year round. More flowers mean more vibrant colors for your outdoor space. Which flowering plants do you want to put in your yard? a great summer choice is Black-eyed Susans. Montauk daisies, on the other hand, is an autumn option.

Try growing native plants.

Research on plants that you can grow on the region that you are in. Native plants are cheap and easy to maintain.

Customize landscaping stones.

Don’t just choose random stones for your landscaping bed. Your choice must perfectly match your home’s aesthetics. The most popular choices here are pea stones and crushed stones. Crushed stones come in various colors!