There are tons of mechanical watches in Malaysia you can choose from. At some point, you will get overwhelmed and confused, but there is one brand you shouldn’t miss.


Back in 2016 and 2017, different watch brands experienced a dip in their sales. This pushed them to improve their offerings at the cheaper end. Because of this, you can now buy a Cartier mechanical watch at an affordable price. This 2020, expect some makeovers in big and medium versions with steel-and-gold, gold and steel cases.


The unique Dior Chiffre Rouge is beginning to look as if it came from a different watchmaking era. Well, maybe because it really did. It remains a favorite, and is on its way to becoming a certified classic.

Emporio Armani

Are you looking into buying your first designer watch? Check Emporio Armani. The popular Italian fashion house is now producing over 20 different models of smartwatches, including hybrid analog and touchscreen digital ones. Their smartwatches appeal to fashion-conscious people who want to check the time in a modern and at the same time traditional manner.

TAG Heuer

A collaboration between a watch brand and a car company is not easy, but Aston Martin and TAG Heuer pulled it off. If you are dreaming of owning a TAG/Aston watch, this is the best time to purchase one. You will surely love the Aston Martin Racing quartz model.


If you are a fan of motorsport watches, you will be excited to hear that Tissot is rekindling its historic connection with the French Alpine sports car maker that dates back to the year 1973. Tissot is officially a watch partner of Renault Alpine sports coupé.